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Publisher's description

This review applies to version 5.2. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

StaffCop allows you to monitor all activities on company computers and prevent the unauthorized distribution of sensitive corporate information.

Corporate information security has always been a top business priority.
There is a growing need for solutions that provide the functionality to analyze employee activities during business hours, and protect the company's confidential information.

StaffCop software allows you to effectively prevent, detect, respond, monitor and review measures to reduce perceived risks of corporate data loss. IT professionals who use StaffCop can adequately monitor company resources for data breaches or prevent these breaches from occurring.

Main Features:

- Social Network Monitoring – all actions taken in Facebook, Twitter, Classmates or VKontakte are tracked and analyzed. You are able to see private messages, photos and other materials viewed by the user.
- Search Term Tracking – it is possible to track and analyze all searches performed in Google, Yahoo, Yandex etc.
- Analytics modules generate charts and statistics on how much time is spent playing games, running applications, visiting websites, or chatting in IM.
- Screen Capture – screenshots are taken every few minutes and may be accessed through the admin panel.
- IM and email correspondence is tracked and analyzed, and may be accessed through the admin panel.
- Built-in key logger provides you with user passwords for social networks and other login-only websites.
- Stealth Mode – in this mode the entire StaffCop system is hidden from the PC-user, so it is very hard to locate all StaffCop processes.
- It is possible to track all file activity, printed documents, USB connections, application installation and much more.

What's new in version 5.2


- Skype monitoring added
- Scheduler is updated with a feature of sending reports to different email addresses
- Scheduler is updated with a feature of a name check, no duplicate report names allowed
- Agent removal and uninstall mechanism improved
- Logging of the install process added
- 2 variants of the removal process added: with a log (admin's login/pass required) and without a log (no additional data required)
- Stability and response speed improved
- Single server-check on start only available
- Skype-monitoring exclusion added, easily to turn off


- Website monitoring conflict with Chrome is fixed
- Process blocking from process list error fixed

What's new in version 5.0

- Website blocking (whitelists and blacklists)
- Application blocking (whitelists and blacklists)
- Encrypted network traffic monitoring
- staffcop folder access rights optimized
- New registration and activation system
- New icon
- Activation errors are added to Help document

- Bug, when data from one exact PC has been added to other PC's report
- Keyboard layout displaying error in keylogger
- Bug, when scheduler creates many reports instead of one
- Saving data by agent-module
- Screenshot intervals in seconds are ignored
- Eclipse code editor conflict
- Error on Windows XP restart
- Screenshot order in reports

What's new in version 4.2

* Screenshoting monitored PC on the event of changing active window
* Advanced desktop monitoring and screenshooting features added

What's new in version 2.3

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